Posted by: Jennelyn J.M. Natividad | October 22, 2013

Hi there, I’m back!

I know it took me a while. Massive understatement, you say? I admit 3 years, 5 months and 11 days of being away from writing constitutes more than a mere “while.” I have a number of excuses that I could bore you with like the necessary reshuffling of priorities that comes with being diagnosed with cancer, recovering from subsequent surgery,  and dealing with my internal state (i.e. anger, confusion, lack of motivation,) but I’m keeping all these negative events in the past where I’ve decided it should stay. At least, this meager act of coming back to write and blog is my decided attempt to put it all behind me. Next time, I’ll tell you all about my short trip to Seoul and Gyeonggju.


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