Posted by: Jennelyn J.M. Natividad | May 11, 2010

Impulse buys

Gilded, wood-framed looking glass. I particularly like the 'bentwood' look & the finial-like details at the top

I don’t know what possessed me to get these gilded mirrors, but I’m rationalizing (i.e. lying to self,) the move as an incidental (yet honest,) attempt to aid the economy…

This other gilded mirror looks like something from an old Barcelona apartment. Something about it is flirty yet restrained. I know, I know my imagination does run wild, making up previous lives & characteristics for inanimate objects.

Clearly, both of them were gently-used, if not entirely well-loved by their previous owners. Both could definitely benefit from good-old Windex, and trusty Pledge (though, can somebody confirm if I can actually use Pledge on gilt/gold leaf?). Judicious application of said products  and some elbow grease will no doubt, upgrade both mirrors’ appearance closer to their original incarnations. All in all I spent less than $32 for both (which in the greater scheme of things, did not make such a big dent on my wallet). It doesn’t change the fact though, that I need to restrain my impulse to acquire stuff I don’t really need…


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