Posted by: Jennelyn J.M. Natividad | April 4, 2010

My dear friends, first & foremost, I sincerely wish you all a blessed & glorious EASTER celebration!!!

Well, I am in RAPTURES & all EggCITED!!! If you, hardened skeptic that you are, remain unmoved by bold pronouncements that reveal too much about my mixed-emotional bag of literature-induced impatience & delight, my inappropriate yet unabashed use of exclamation points should convince you otherwise!!! I simply CANNOT WAIT for “Ilustrado,” but of course, I MUST!!! This brilliant, bricolage-infused & award-winning literary work (Man Asia Prize, no less!) is Miguel Syjuco’s first major contribution to the vast & highly competitive world of literature. Certainly, it is the first novel by a Filipino writer (in recent memory,) which has not only garnered critical acclaim, but could also potentially capture world-wide readership (and dare I say it, commercial success). “Ilustrado” will be released by the North American publishing house Farrar, Giroux & Straus starting on April 27, 2010—so save the date & get a copy soon!!!″>


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